Thursday, October 10, 2019

2020 Forecast: US Indo-Pacific Trade and Supply Chain Forum announced

A forum prepares your firm to effectively review and change supply chain and minimize risks in Indo-Pacific region in 2020 and beyond. Join us at the 2020 Forecast: US Indo-Pacific Trade and Supply Chain Forum in Los Angeles on December 12, 2019.

US and China have engaged a trade war for almost two years now. An agreement is not expected to be signed soon. For US and international companies conducting business in China have been facing tremendous challenges and many firms are changing or ready to change their supply chains from China to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India and other Indo-Pacific countries. Companies in the US and Chinese companies doing business in the US market are also facing a variety of challenges due to political and trade issues. 

The Forum is aimed at helping review Geo-politics, compliance risk, practical strategies and possible options of adjusting current supply chains from China to other Asian markets. The event will provide an excellent networking opportunity for executives who are interested in US China trade issues and US Asia business changes and expansions.

Main Topics:
  • 2020 Forecast: US-China-South East Asian business trends
  • Damage control in the time of US China trade tensions
  • US-China trade risks in 2020: importing, manufacturing, relocating?
  • Hong Kong's economic and financial future: risk control for next two years
  • Short term and long term market strategies for US and international companies
  • Supply chain: exploring changes and transfers in Southeast & South Asian countries
  • Compliance, cyber security and IP protection issues

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