Sunday, December 27, 2015

Speakers Announced for China Private Equity Forum

The China Private Equity Forum (Los Angeles) is sponsored by NES Financial and Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP. The January 20th conference will focus on attracting Chinese private equity into US Real Estate Investments. Speakers include:

Mr. Feng Lun, Chairman of Vantone Real Estate Group & 
Vantone Holdings (China)

Mr. Zhao Xinlin, Chairman of Yangtze River Delta Holdings Group (China)

Dr. Winner Xing, Chairman of Worldway Group (China)

Mr. Mitch Garrett, Vice President of Hotel Development and 
Acquisitions, America, Trump Hotel Collection 

Mr. Trevor Saliba, Chairman of NMS Capital Group

Mr. Lu Sun, Vice President of Retail Equity Partners Holdings

Mr. John Harounian, Vice President of Laurus Corporation

Mr. John Landrum President of AMG Capital

Mr. Afzal M. Tarar, Managing Partner of Arcis Capital Partners

Mr. Jeff Weber, President of J Weber Group

Mr. Steven Anapoell, Managing Partner of Bridgeforth Capital

Mr. William Thomas, Vice President of MacDonald Realty Group

Mr. Brad Stedem, President of Capital United

Mr. Reid Thomas, Executive Vice President of NES Financial

Mr. Bernard Wolfsdorf, Managing Partner of Wolfsdorf Rosenthal

Mr. Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group

Mr. Kevin Wright, President of Wright Johnson LLC

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