Tuesday, February 27, 2018

One Belt, One Road Policy to affect Global Trade

In 2014, China established the $40 billion Silk Road Fund to finance their One Belt, One Road initiative and they have made investments in several key projects since its inception to put total costs closer to $1 trillion.  According to McKinsey & Company, more than 60 countries and 200 enterprises, with a combined GDP of $21 trillion, have expressed interest in participating in the One Belt, One Road action plan. The Belt and Road Initiative will provide businesses across the world the opportunity to compete and transform the global economy. China plans to transform global infrastructure with this 21st century ambitious initiative.

There is a lot of hope for the Belt and Road Initiative across Asia and also some skeptics about the true intent of the plan. The Hoover Institution at Stanford University proclaims “The One Belt, One Road initiative certainly has the potential to enhance Beijing’s political influence while hopefully (from China’s  perspective) reducing concerns that Beijing will employ such greater influence in threatening ways.” The One Belt, One Road policy is drawing attention across the globe and we will look to discuss in detail the challenges and opportunities in Washington DC on March 14th.

The one day "Belt and Road Initiative" Investment Form in Washington DC jointly hosted by Artisan Business Group and American Center for the Belt and Road Initiative provides an overview of China's global economic development and investment strategy. The forum will provide useful insights for the Belt and Road Initiative and opportunities for US business and industrial sectors as the Initiative approaches Latin America and North America.

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