Sunday, September 18, 2016

EB-5 China Market: how to stand out

There are over 800 designated EB-5 regional centers around the country. We have seen the market to be dominated by major EB-5 regional centers and or its big projects in metropolitan areas such as Manhattan and Beverly Hills. With help from former politicians from the US endorsing their projects in China, many smaller US projects in less well known cities and rural areas have been forced to compete with big players in the Chinese marketplace.  However, smaller projects have its own advantages to be discovered, projects in 2nd/3rd tier cities need to develop much more effective and efficient marketing strategies in order to stand out.  We have seen many mistakes made at early stage, mistakes include: lack of professional guidance, team up with wrong parties, deficient marketing materials, wrong timing, short of marketing budget, etc. While some agents and investors alike are interested in investing in large projects with key regional centers, many investors investing in much smaller and manageable projects is a better choice.  

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