Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Artisan Business Group hosts China Private Equity Forum

(Dr. Xing, Mr. Zhao Xinlin, Mr. Brian Su)
(Mr. Feng Lun, Mr. Zhao Xinlin)
(Mr. Xiaohan Zhu)

Artisan Business Group hosted China Private Equity Forum in Long Beach California on January 20, 2016. Over 100 executives from China and the US attended the event. VIP speakers from China included Mr. Feng Lun, Chairman of Vantone Holdings Group, Mr. Zhao Xinlin, Chairman of Yangtze River Delta Holdings Group, Mr. Xiaohan Zhu, Managing Director of Kunwu Jiuding Capital Co., Anna Shoeng, Managing Director of WIL-Consulting.  Mr. Winner Xing, Chairman of Worldway Group delivered a keynote speech. Our appreciation goes to our event sponsors and VIPs from China. Private Equity has becoming a new trend for Chinese investors who are aggressively seeking new investment opportunities in the US. The conference showcased what Chinese real estate developers and private funds are already doing in the US real estate market. 

To learn more about investment conferences hosted by Artisan Business Group this year, please bookmark this blog. We are soon coming to New York City and Puerto Rico.

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