Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WinFund Group to Host the 2015 Overseas Investment & Entrepreneurship Summit

BEIJING, Oct. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Overseas Investment and Entrepreneurship Summit and Project Exhibition will have a grand opening in Beijing from October 9th through 11th, 2015. The summit will be hosted by the 2015 Overseas Investment and Entrepreneurship Summit Committee and will be organized by WinFund Group, Artisan Business Group, EB-5 Supermarket, Greenberg Traurig, BridgeForth Capital, Arcis Capital Partners, Buddy Mac Holdings, New York EB-5 Express and Pathways. The summit will invite political leaders and professional institutions in this industry to participate in the conference, which will provide participants with a great opportunity to talk to the best regarded  immigration agents in China. So far it has been confirmed that over 200 participants from China will attend the conference including presidents or CEOs from following companies: Henry Global, Globe Group, Visa Consulting Group, Worldway Group, Maslink Group, Cansine Group, EK Immigration, Kayaneer Overseas Service Center, JP Star, InterContinental Group, and Aucanlink Group. WinFund Group, as the host for the summit, is established in partnership with dozens of the most influential agents dealing in immigration by investment business in China. WinFund Group is dedicated to introducing and developing overseas immigration by investment projects and to providing a brand new authoritative platform for Chinese investors to start their overseas business.

As the competition in this industry gets intense, we have started to see vicious competition, unlicensed companies, and fraudulent deeds committed by developers.  As such, Mr. Xinli Qi, the general advocator of National Association of Exit and Extry Industry took the initiative in speaking up and established WinFund Group in partnership with dozens of the most influential agents in China. With the joint efforts of dominant agents in the industry, WinFund Group will become more capable of developing business relationships with overseas partners, protecting investors' interests, and lead the healthy development of the industry. At the 2015 Overseas Investment and Entrepreneurship Summit, the WinFund Group will make an official announcement of its establishment and will offer the greatest support for the summit and investors by taking advantage of its strength in integrating resources.  

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