Friday, October 23, 2015

Report from China: new trends with Chinese immigration industry

EB-5 regional center program is gradually losing ground in China due to the uncertainties around EB-5 legislation in the US.  More agents are turning to other alternative programs. Chinese immigration agencies are not only selling real estate properties in Cyprus, Greece or Spain, but also promoting passport programs for some tiny Caribbean island countries.  However it is a big news that Chinese immigration agents have recently started selling insurance policies by working with overseas insurance agencies, thousands of the mainland Chinese residents are buying life insurance policies every month. They are also looking into medical tourism in South Korea and the United States. Many high net worth individuals are coming to the US for medical treatment in some of the best clinics in the country.  According to the Chinese government, only 5% Chinese citizens have their own passport, it is expected US continues to be the most popular destination for Chinese population in next ten years due to 10-year visa granted to Chinese tourists and business executives. Chinese immigration industry is now further exploring tourism, education and business investment opportunities for it clients.  

The landscape of Chinese immigration industry is also changing, many Chinese immigration agencies have formed their own business groups in order for them to seek better deals and bargains. We saw Chinese Immigration Group Ltd.(HK), Win Fund Overseas Investment Group Ltd.(HK), and the latest Chinese Overseas Investment Services Group in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.  Worldway, Henry Global, Visas Consulting, Globe Visa, and another dozen of service providers, are key members of Win Fund Overseas Investment Group. Henry Global and a number of smaller firms are also entering real estate investment fund market in the U.S. and Europe. It is expected more immigration agents are seeking private equity investment opportunities for their clients who are not interested in EB-5 program. 

It is a wise move for many Chinese agencies to explore private equity opportunities. On our upcoming China PE Forum in Los Angeles January 20, 2016, Dr. Winner Xing, Chairman of Worldway Group (HK) will explain why Chinese immigration industry and its clients are seeking new opportunities. 

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