Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Artisan hosts US Investment Executive Training Program

Artisan Business Group hosted the 2015 US Investment Executive Training Program for over 30 Chinese emigration professionals on July 27-31 in Chicago, IL. The 5 day training program focused on the US Investment process with presentations from industry experts from across the US. Speakers for the event included Illinois Senator Mattie Hunter, Illinois Senator William Delgado, Illinois Treasury Chief Investment Officer Rodrigo Garcia, Doyce Boesch, Jeff Carr, Scott Barnhart, Bill Thomas, Gerry Sawyer, Steven Anapoell, Jeff Carmichael, Jen Hermansky, Tuam Nguyen, Carmine Fanelle, James Holz, Jerry Siegan, Jackie Graham, Peter Qiu, Elias Papasavvas and Simon Liang.

Topics presented to the emigration professionals from China included EB-5 Legislative Updates, Project Entitlements, Real Estate Construction Management Oversight, MIA Appraisal Reports, Due Diligence, US Legal and Court System, Wealth Protection Strategies, Federal Securities Law, US Securities Broker/Dealer Industry, Processing EB-5 Visa Petitions, Commercial Lending, Real Estate Development, Franchise Business Model, Direct EB-5 Challenges, Matter of Ho Compliant Business Plans and Econometrics. The successful US Investment Executive Training Program also discussed the latest trends and market updates in EB-5 Regional Center Program. Artisan Business would like to thank all of the knowledgeable speakers who shared their expertise and experiences during the executive training program. 

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