Friday, March 13, 2015

New EB-5 Regional Centers

More newly designated EB-5 regional centers have been announced by USCIS. For more information about EB-5 regional center program, contact us at
  • California One Investment Center, LLC (California) 
  • EB-5 Bonds California, LLC (California)
  • EB5 United West Regional Center, LLC (California)
  • North American Center for Foreign Investments, LLC (California)
  • Pacific Investment & Immigration Regional Center (California)
  • Front Range Regional Center, Inc. (Colorado and New Mexico)
  • BLT TriState Regional Center LLC (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)
  • USCFID New York LLC (Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)
  • Regional Center Fund of America LLC (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia)
  • EB5 Florida Hotels & Investments Regional Center LLC (Florida)
  • Shrimp House US LLC (Florida)
  • Midwest Regional Center, Inc. (Kentucky)
  • Northeast Monument Regional Center LLC (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island)
  • G.R.E.E.N. Regional Center (New Jersey)
  • The New Mexico Regional Center (New Mexico)
  • Heartland Regional Center, LLC (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania)
  • U.S. Immigration Recovery Fund NY, LLC (New York)

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