Saturday, February 28, 2015

Report from China: Chinese migration leaders call for regulation enforcement

A group of Chinese migration leaders and executives have been meeting with Beijing authority to urge enforcement of Chinese exit and entry regulations and laws to prevent and eliminate solicitations by US based immigration attorneys and offshore based foreign consulting firms without exit/entry service licenses in China. Some executives suggested to report such illegal practices to China's Ministry of Justice and US SEC.  Currently the Ministry of Justice issues licenses to foreign law firms that intend to establish presence in China, and only a few international immigration law firms have obtained such licenses.  Many foreign firms choose to cooperate and partner with Chinese local firms. The Ministry of Public Security issues license to migration agencies for conducting immigration services. As EB-5 program is getting widely attention in China, Chinese migration industry has felt direct competitions from some of US based solicitors and law firms.  Chinese authority has already shut down a few illegal operations around the country.  For more information about EB-5 program and its Chinese investors market, contact us at .

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