Monday, January 19, 2015

Why is EB-5 program attractive to Chinese investors

Chinese investors have a strong interest in EB-5 regional center program. As we see increasing demands for EB-5 visas from Chinese investor market in past four years, it appears the trend is that we will continue to attract investment from Chinese nationals in coming years. It is definitely a good news to many EB-5 investment project developers, especially for hotels and real estate developments. The reasons for Chinese investors are quite simple:
  • EB-5 program cost less than other European programs
  • Put their children in some of the best American schools without competing with smart kids back home in China
  • Save some money in the US bank accounts to avoid potential risks in China
  • Buy a much nicer and cheaper house without spending too much money
  • Enjoy a healthy and peaceful lifestyle without worrying about poison food and polluted air
  • Say "kiss my butt" to corrupt Chinese officials
  • Speak Chinese and still can get around in Southern California and New York City
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