Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Terminated EB-5 regional centers by USCIS

(Source: USCIS) USCIS may terminate a regional center’s participation in the Immigrant Investor Program when the regional center fails to:
  • Submit Form I-924A on an annual basis, on a cumulative basis and/or as otherwise requested by USCIS to demonstrate continued eligibility; or
  • Promote economic growth as required.
Investors may not use an investment within a terminated regional center as a basis to establish eligibility for immigrant status under the Immigrant Investor Program. Below is a list of EB-5 regional centers whose participation in the Immigrant Investor Program has been terminated. These regional centers no longer appear on the list of approved regional centers.

Regional Center NameTermination DateState(s)
List of EB-5 Terminated Regional Centers
Invest US Regional Center9/29/2014Wyoming
Gateway Georgia Regional Center9/29/2014Georgia
South West Bio Fuel RC LLC9/29/2014Texas
South Florida EB-5 Regional Center 8/15/2014Florida
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center8/15/2014Michigan
Kansas BioFuel Regional Center LLC8/15/2014Kansas
Ecorntech Regional Center8/15/2014Wisconsin
Michigan Renaissance Regional Center8/15/2014Michigan
Lake Buena Vista RC 7/2/2014Florida
USA Now Regional Center3/28/2014Texas
North Carolina Center for Foreign Investments, LLC 12/3/2013North Carolina
Intercontinental Regional Center Trust of Chicago3/23/2013Illinois
Mamtek Regional Center4/11/2012Missouri
El Monte Regional Center9/19/2011California
Victorville RC10/20/2010California
Unibex Global Corporation5/30/2008Texas

An asterisk (*) next to a regional center’s name means that the regional center is currently appealing the decision to the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office.
A regional center that has been terminated from the EB-5 program may not solicit, generate or promote investors or investments for any other EB-5-related projects, or otherwise participate in the Immigrant Investor Program.
USCIS has terminated sixteen (16) regional centers as of Jan. 9, 2015.

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