Friday, January 16, 2015

Report from China: Is CCTV sending out a signal?

This week a screenshot of state-controlled CCTV (China Central Television) news broadcasting has been widely circulated among migration agents and those investors who are interested in investing overseas. The Chinese social media and online news portals are quickly picking up the report; and everyone in the migration industry is trying to figure out what the message is all about to the nationwide audiences. The screenshot of CCTV news says "a possible stop to investment immigration in the US". As President Xi's anti-corruption campaign moves into a whole new level in 2015, many people are anxiously watching the moves of the US government as well. Are the US politicians going to extend the EB-5 program or shutting it down? Is the Chinese government going to tighten the out flow of Chinese wealth?  Shall we stay or depart? A lot of people will have to make a very hard decision this year!  To learn more about the EB-5 program and its trends in China, contact us today.

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