Thursday, January 15, 2015

Marketing EB-5 projects in China

We often receive emails or calls from EB-5 project developers and regional centers telling us about their good projects, some claim they have the "best" projects. It is no doubt that many projects have good merits and utilized first class legal and business teams; some projects may have received exemplar approvals. However, when presenting and marketing a project in overseas market is a totally different story. China is specifically a difficult and competitive market, many project stakeholders spend a lot of traveling time and financial resources in the marketplace, their results sometimes are far from satisfying. In recent months we have been approached by a number of US companies who have had missteps in the marketplace, it will take a lot time for us and them to correct the past errors which caused longer delays in raising needed capital. Some of the missteps usually includes: 1) let the wrong people in China handle project marketing; 2) engaged not-so-capable migration agent in charge of project promotion; 3) poorly implemented advertising strategies; 4) put too much trust in lawyers for marketing advice; 5) lack of professional guidance in the marketplace; and others.

Since 85% EB-5 visas have been issued to Chinese investors, it is very important for you to understand the Chinese business culture and practice as well as Chinese migration industry knowledge prior to entering the market. It is also critical to truly aware of your Chinese partner's credibility and capability before you decide to engage him.

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