Wednesday, November 27, 2013 announces 2013 EB-5 Annual Awards is glad to announce the recipients of the 2013 EB-5 Annual Awards! There are many other EB-5 professionals and service providers, not mentioned, that have and continue to be the driving force behind the EB-5 program’s success year after year. This year’s recognized recipients went even beyond the excellent standard. They have proven mastery in their specific profession, and for that the EB-5 program is beyond grateful. Congratulations!

2013 EB-5 Person of the Year 
Mr. Henry Liebman is the recipient of the Award. Mr. Henry Liebman is one of the first pioneers of the EB-5 program and founder of American Life, Inc.  Mr. Liebman was selected for his dedication to promote economic development across the entire United States. This award is small token of recognition and gratitude for the innumerable contributions of his time and effort that have impacted the EB-5 programs success.

2013 EB-5 Regional Center of the Year
Cleveland International Fund (CiF) is the recipient of the Award. CiF is responsible for promoting local economic development in America’s heartland including the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. As a federally approved regional center, CiF has shown tremendous efforts to educate the local governments and economic development groups on the benefits of the EB-5 regional center program. This award is to recognize their dedication to the success of the EB-5 program as they continue to help investors and program developers achieve their goals.

2013 EB-5 Immigration Law Firm of the Year
Miller Mayer is the recipient of the Award. Miller Mayer of Ithaca, New York is a regional law firm whose EB-5 practice group is led and staffed by many highly experienced legal service professionals. Miller Mayer was chosen for their EB-5 expertise, experience and legal service to investors worldwide.

2013 EB-5 Economic Consultant of the Year
Mr. Jeff Carr is the recipient of the annual Award. Jeff Carr is President of Economic & Policy Resources located in Vermont. Mr. Carr’s experience and attention to detail in creating economic and job creation impact reports has provided EB-5 projects first class business services. Mr. Jeff Carr is a highly respected professional by the EB-5 industry community.

2013 EB-5 Service Provider of the Year
NES Financial is the recipient of the Award. NES Financial provides EB-5 fund and escrow administration for EB-5 project developers across the country. Their escrow services play an important role to protect investor’s investment funds. This award is to recognize their continued success in providing investors and projects excellent service.

2013 EB-5 Media Service Provider of the Year is the recipient of the annual Award.  The award has been given to Mr. Ali Jahangiri and his team for their superior multimedia services including their online EB-5 portal and publication of EB5 Investors magazine. They are highly involved in promoting the EB-5 program including their annual Southern California EB-5 Conference.

2013 EB-5 Emigration Agency of the Year
Shinyway Emigration (
浙江新通出入境服务有限公司) is the recipient of the 2013 annual award.  Shinyway Emigration (Zhejiang Province, China) is not the largest emigration service provider in China, however the firm has a long history of providing reputable and high quality consulting services to its Chinese clients.  Shinyway's conservative and professional approach to project selection has contributed to EB-5 program’s success in China.

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