Sunday, October 14, 2012

DC EB-5 Seminar featuring GTA CEO Charles Wang

Brian Su and Tyler McKay with GTA Chairman Terry McAuliffe and CEO Charles Wang
Meet with Mr. Charles Wang, CEO of GreenTech Auto (GTA) at our Washington DC EB-5 Capital Raising Workshop and hear his personal journey of raising EB-5 capital to fund a US based manufacturing plant. The GTA has recently opened its facility in Mississippi in July. GTA successfully raised EB-5 funding in China and other foreign countries. The GTA project is one of the very few manufacturing-related EB-5 programs that has successfully utilized EB-5 finance and created hundreds of American jobs in the U.S.  Mr. Wang will share his personal story and insights of raising EB-5 capital for an All-American manufacturing plant in the state of Mississippi.  Join us in DC on October 15.

Mr. Charles Wang is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of GreenTech Automotive (GTA). He shares the same vision as Chairman Terry McAuliffe that truly green technologies are those affordable to average American consumers. Before joining GTA, Mr.Wang was the CEO of a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with primary businesses in car dealership networks and auto parts manufactures in China. In addition, he is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Wealth Holdings Limited, a company that has been investing in Chinese automotive engineering firms such as Tongzheng Automotive Design Engineering Co. Ltd. since 2007.  As a former practicing attorney in New York and Washington, DC, Mr. Wang brings his extensive experience and resources in capital markets financing and international business transactions to GTA.  As a capital markets partner and the head of the Asia practice of a prominent New York law firm, Mr. Wang conducted billions of dollars of financing transactions. He also served as the Head of China Practice of a prestigious Washington, DC law firm, where he was the lead counsel for some of the most complicated international commercial disputes.

In addition to his management responsibilities, Mr. Wang also takes an interest in teaching and scholarship. He publishes in the fields of corporate finance, international trade law, WTO compliance, and structured finance. He is a senior fellow at the International Law Institute in Washington, DC, and the Secretariat General of China Financial Policy Research Center of Peking University. He also taught graduate-level courses at both Peking University School of Law and Tsinghua University School of Law, the two most prestigious law schools in China. He is a recipient of the 2005 Burton Award of Legal Achievements in connection with the United States Library of Congress.

Mr. Wang received his Juris Doctor degree with honors and Master of Laws degree in International and Comparative Law from Duke University School of Law, his Master of Arts degree in Development Studies from Ohio University, and his Bachelor of Law degree from Xiangtan University College of Law. (Source: GTA website)

Mr. Brian Su with Mr. Bill Clinton at GTA's Grand Opening